I am a fifth year PhD student in the department of Linguistics at Harvard University. My research focuses on the interaction between structure (syntax), meaning (semantics) and context during language comprehension, using a variety of computational, experimental and formal techniques. I also use methods developed by linguists to analyze and interpret contemporary Natural Language Processing systems, and evaluate them as models of human langauge processing. The video at right is a talk I gave recently at the Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing Conference special session on Computational models of language processing.

I am affiliated with the Computational Psycholinguistics Laboratory at MIT and the Meaning and Modality Laboratory at Harvard. Before Grad School I worked as a freelance translator and computational linguist at Transcendent Endeavors . I did my undergraduate work at Stanford University, in the Symbolic Systems program and the Slavic Literature department, where I wrote my honors thesis on the history of the Esperanto movement.